Theatrical Lighting Designer

Music Projects

During his time at Penn State, Zachary found time to create light shows to various music tracks.

Project 1 - Fall 2014

The first project was for THEA 270 - Introduction to Lighting Design. Zachary was assigned a song for which to design a light show. This show was programmed using an ETC Express.

Project 2 - winter 2015-16

For THEA 485 - Show Control, the final project tasked students with using a variety of techniques, protocols, or control networks to create something. Zachary decided to create a "choose your own adventure" style light show, where a viewer could choose the next track (and therefore light cues) that played. The lights were programmed on an ETC Eos, and a combination of Applescript and QLab 3 were used to control the show.

Videos showcasing the other tracks can be found here:
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4